Suggestion: I need a font that exudes "Craft Beer"

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I need a font that says "beer" or more specifically, "craft beer". It will be used for titles and the only thing that will be in the font is state names, California, Vermont, etc.

There are so many types of beer out there from all over the world, but i need something that is domestic and makes me think, beer, good beer.

any ideas?

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Keywords i had to think of: tradition, strong/powerful, craftmanship, male.
Then, what about Giza – or another quirky, dark slab-serif? For the "strenght" i would prefer an extended, dark weight here.

Or a "woodtype" Sans like Maple, bold or black weight.

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it's tough to encapsulate such a diverse subject. I like your keywords but I am not sure if the western style fonts is the type of 'tradition' I am going for. when i think craft beer, I think Samual Adams, which is one of the biggest 'craft' breweries (sold on the NYSE even).

They use a stately serif type. But it shouldn't be too grandiose since craft beer is about variety, taste and comfort.

i like your suggestions, but could use some more.

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Ok, now i googled for craft beer, i'm german, hehe. It's dark, relatively strong beer, isn't it? The Lords of that kind of beer in continental europe are from Belgium. Check this, really wonderful designs outta there and of course – taste!

Ahem, cheers

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Of my faces, perhaps Goodchild Bold, hand-made without compromise to the traditional recipe, with a crisp, clean finish.

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I also want a font that exudes craft beer. I want it to exude craft beer right out of a tap on the side of my computer. Into a nice tall glass. In the middle of the day. That is the typographic breakthrough I am waiting for.

I hear the martini glasses calling. I must leave now.


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Maybe one of these:
You could even use different members of the set depending on
how tipsy your typesetting needs to look! Cheshire is merely
buzzed, while Warwickshire involves driving home relying on
what I call The Law Of Averages. And being Tankard fonts
they're all... well crafted!


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