Emerald Isle Font I.D

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Hey, I'd be grateful if anyone could identify the font for the text "Emerald Isle"
Found Here:

Also if anyone can identify "The Best Ship Loading!" font as well. In fact if anyone knows who made these fonts back in the 19th Century, I'd be very interested.


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It is most likely a wooden typeface that hasn't been digitized. Vintage Gothic is almost the sans version of it.

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BEST SHIP LOADING is probably a Hellenic Wide or Antique Extended. Best version I know is Jason Walcott's but there are also variations by Nathan Williams (58 Rodeo) and Erik van Blokland (FF Zapata.

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I see, thank you. Is there anyway to find out which wooden typeface or is it lost in time?

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Quite similar, but heavier, is Jordan Davies' Antique Tuscan Condensed Bold.

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