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can you please post some links of portfolio websites containing designed CATALOGS of "contemporary art exhibitions "?

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Hi Yaronimus,

I’d suggest you rather go to a decent book store and get your hands on the real things. Books are objects! ;-)
Nevertheless, a few random links:
Markus Dreßen/Spector, Leipzig
Sensomatic, Vienna
James Goggin, London
Elektrosmog, Zurich
Atelier Carvalho Bernau, The Hague
Fuel, London
Verena Gerlach, Berlin
The last one will show you how Typophile’s current featured face is used by its designer!

Every year the Stiftung Buchkunst chooses the best German books. Their site still uses frames, thus I can’t link directly to the art catalogues. You can find them here: ‘Der deutsche Wettbewerb’ (bottom navi) > ‘5’ (top navi).
There are similar awards in other countries, for example the Best Verzorgde Boeken from The Netherlands.

And: Thanks for linking, Stewf!

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thank you all very much!

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