Another 1930s fount

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Thanks guys for identifying Broadway engraved and Copperplate Gothic for me last month.

Any advice on this heading and body text font from the same period [England, 1933]?

Thanks, Colin

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The body text is Monotype Old Style. The heading is some version of Latin. Mostly, only the condensed and wide variations have made it to digital format, but this set by Jason Castle was released recently.

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Thanks so much.

I find I have something called Old Style 7 - which I do not remember ever using and seems to be from a Linotype/Adobe library I once had.

It is a Classic only font, but I guess I could install it on an old iBook, do the setting on that and bring it over to my iMac as a pdf and it will still work - it would be for the prelims to a facsimile of a book set in the Monotype [such bad setting by a provincial printer I'd actually have expected a it to be Lino job ...].

Anyway, do you think the prelims in Old Style 7 would look OK with Mono Old Style? I might just go for something quite different - Gill for instance, especially as I have it with the 'Alt 1' which is so much better for tables.

Thanks again, Colin
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Old Style 7 is similar to Monotype Old Style. They come from the same period and are different foundries' versions of the same idea.

The only fonts that are "Classic only" are bitmap-only fonts. Older Mac outline fonts (TrueType or PostScript) work fine with OS X. You should be able to move the font to your newer Mac and use it there.

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Thank you Mark,

Several oddities: the Lino PS version seems much heavier than the printed Mono version. This is odd as the original letterpress is not under-inked when examined under a glass. And, even so it is heavier than the Old Style 151 in the green Mono binder, so the Lino must be much heavier than the Mono when both printed from metal.

The printer I worked for in the 60s and 70s was all Mono and would not be seen dead with an old style - except Caslon, Mono and S&B of course.

I now realise that I got the 'Classic only' warning when I clicked on the screen-font suitcase, and that the T1 fonts installed themselves when I clicked them and that I had too many windows open to notice.

Still not sure if I should use te Lino for the new prelims - or go for Gill Light with the Alt 1.

Cheers, Colin

No furniture so charming as books. Rev Sydney Smith, 1771 -1845

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