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Calling all Typophiles, I need your help.

The company I work for is currently examining its style guide (or lack thereof), which is opening up possibilities for changes.

Currently we use ::shudder:: Condensed Helveticas for titling/ display and Times/ TNR for text. The Helveticas aren't up for debate, but the text face is.

We're a Dutch company, so I'm thinking that along with all of the obvious arguments against Times, I'd use the origin of the type/ designer as secondary leverage and a way to narrow the field a bit.

So, I know some of the foundries, such as DTL and TEFF, and some designers such as Majoor and Smeihjers, but I don't have a voluminous knowledge of Dutch Foundries, designers, and serif faces. What I need is a list to start examining examples from so I can hit them with a list of options that I've culled from a greater one. Any help is very, very much appreciated!

Thanks for any suggestions.

PS: Wim Crouwel might be a bit too avante garde for our needs. :-)

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Thanks, Tiffany!

Great resource. This is perfect.

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There is a great book called Dutch Type which you should try and get a copy of too...

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Yeah, I saw it mentioned on one of sites and it looks fascinating, particularly since I'm growing more and more fond of Dutch type (especially after today).

Do you have it? If so, what's the content like?

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Thanks for the link, Stephen. Before today, I was sure that the House Industries book + fonts package was what I was going to force my wife to buy for my birthday next month. After looking at the Dutch type book, though, I'm not so sure. Beautiful!

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This satisfied consumer thinks that the Dutch Type book is fantastic! I just picked it up last week in New York and I've been singing its praises to all my designer friends ever since. It's got the rare combination of a substantial amount of text (that is actually interesting to read) and a ton of great images. It's so good, it made me consider going to a grad program in the Netherlands. Or that might just be the current economy. :-)

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If you want to buy this book in Europe, Nijhof & Lee (www.nijhoflee.nl) have it in stock for

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A bunch of spreads shown at YouWorkForThem.

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