Encoding issue?

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For reasons beyond my control I'm using FileMaker Pro 6 on an Intel Mac in system 10.4.11. I'm using Adobe's Cronos Pro v.2.040, purchased as part of Font Folio 11, in a variety of contexts, including on internally published reports. It's not a requirement, but it is part of our department's look, and I'd like to stick with it.

FM6 organizes its font lists according to scripts: Roman, Central European, Cyrillic, Japanese. (I'm not sure where other scripts fit into that ordering.) Fonts not associated with the Roman script don't display or print properly. For example, if I use a font that FileMaker thinks of as Central European, I get a Ź instead of an è. The issue is not input method; the result is the same whether I type the text or get it from the OS's character palette.

The problem is, FileMaker thinks Cronos Pro belongs with the CE script, rather than Roman. It identifies other Adobe Pro fonts, e.g. Arno, Garamond Premier, and Hypatia, as well as Carl Crossgrove's Beorcana, correctly.

So what's up with Cronos? Aside from upgrading to any of the 3 more recent versions of FileMaker, do I have any hope?

Thanks in advance for any help,

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