Typeface similar to Freight

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I'm looking for typeface like Freight in terms large variety of weights and styles.

Especially I need it to have hi contrast style, Like Freight Big. And that elegant and unique feel to it.

I´m using it in a magazine, and considering to change it to another display face.

If anyone gets what kind of typeface I'm looking for please help.


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Thanks, Chronicle is ok, but perhaps a little too stiff to my liking. It is too obvious in it's shapes. But it is in the right direction though. Thanks.

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Why not use Freight?

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Don't get me wrong. I love Freight, but I am always looking for something new and special.

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I am always looking for something new and special.

wouldn't something new and special be something completely different from Freight?

Have you seen Greta Display? Greta Grande? Fedra Serif Display?

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I guess are propably right. And the faces you listed are great.

But the thing is i am using Freight with Stag and Stag Sans, and I find the "American" feel of Freight to match Stag nicely.

So I think what I am looking for is US designed 17th century baroque style typeface with attitude...

And Freight is the one... or?

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Try Farnham.

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Thank you so much dyana. Farnham is great! But it is so much used that it is out of the question. Farnham is the closest you can get for what I'm looking for.

Freight - Farnham - xxxx... This is what I'm looking for.

and to all the good people in this thread: I REALLY appreciate your effort in helping me.


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