Examples of Missionary Font by Emigre

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Does anyone have a real world examples of Missionary font in use i.e.- magazine, website etc? As I'm desperate to find a example for an essay I have to hand in tomorrow.

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Danish Fashion Institute and the now defunct Blueprint magazine.

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Thanks. I didn't have enough time left so I chose another font for my essay but I will note the examples down for future reference. Thanks once again.

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Isn't the font pictured actually Fling?

EDIT: Oh I see.

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It's a shame you changed your mind. Missionary is actually
very fascinating, not least due to being based on... OCR-A!
And Miles Newlyn even hangs out here on occasion (and I
could have alerted him to this thread).


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I have one of the first ads of Emigre using a letter of Missionary, printed in one of the first issues of Ray Gun.
Inversely, I have seen it rarely used, although in the past I collected examples of the other typefaces drawn by Miles at the time.

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I can stare at missionary forever but have yet to find a place to use it.


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