Sans serif companion for Centaur

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Any suggestions for a sans serif to pair with Centaur?

Hoping to letterpress…

Thanks guys!

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You might try something like Metro.

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The first.

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What about Univers? I use it often to accompany serif fonts.

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I'm happy to be wrong, but I think Univers is too stark and Centaur too delicate.

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Metro looks like it might work, I'll buy and try it out… should it not, I'll be back again!

I agree with Miss Tiffany about Univers, but I certainly appreciate the suggestion… thanks again guys.


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I'm not certain FontHaus's Metro is the best. Linotype's original Metro is probably the most authentic digitization, if that's what you're shooting for. The reason you may have missed it is that its three styles have one word names -- Metrolite, Metromedium, and Metroblack -- so they don't always appear in searches for "Metro".

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What would a sans version of Centaur look like one wonders? IT would have to have a calligraphic influence and a small x-height. Just thinking out loud really. It would have to have old style numerals.

OK When Bruce Rogers designed Centaur he worked directly with a broad pen over bleached out enlargements of the a 15th century typeface by Nicholas Jenson. So ITC Legacy Sans is also based on Jensons letters perhaps would this be worth trying. It does look a little wide for headlines though. Is it for a magazine?

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