Your help/knowedge is needed!

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Hello fellow typophiles!

I have a project I'm working on for a class.

Basically we have to make a movie poster. But a we have to make up the movie(preferably). I've decided to use a book as a base for mine.

Basically it's a dinosaur movie. I need to find font that fits that theme. I've look quite abit for one but I'm not satisfied with what I've found. I'm looking for some similar to the Jurassic park font and the Indiana Jones font. A adventure, nature, organic kinda of font. Primitive but not so primitive that it looks like it caved out of rock. Something with a prehistoric feel, but not so prehistoric it's cartoony/tacky.

I hope that gives to a clear idea of what I'm going for.

Any recommendations? Any ideas? Any clue on where might look besides the obvious font sites like dafontdotcom? Remember this is for a movie that is set in a prehistoric setting with dinosaur, but with the influence of humans.



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Maybe too much different, but I like Calcite.

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Still quite not what I'm looking for though. It's a bit too bubbley? And.... cartoonist.

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Good old Informal011[text]=Informal011

(originally "Neuland")

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Thats better, without those strokes going through the middle it doesn't remind me of African or Jurassic park much.

Still not quite what I'm looking for....

(I know, picky right?)

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Block would fit nicely.

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