. Only one weight appears into Adobe® Illustrator®

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Hello -

I try to add some characters (with FontLab®) into an existing .TTF font (eg. "çÇ", …). In fact it's a font with many separated weight (each weight is a .TTF file)
When I export each file (after formated it as OTF table) everything goes well.
But, when All the fonts are installed, well only see one of them into Adobe® Illustrator® font menu.

How is that possible?

NB. I checked all the fonts with FontDoctor®, and No font problems were diagnosed!
Thank you, have a nice day…

- Dimitri http://www.thebend.be/

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Hi Dimitri, I think your request could get better/faster answers in the Build-board. Good luck.

For the others: Sample of the problem.

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