CheapProFonts - Newsletter 08 Q3

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Welcome to our third newsletter! :)

CheapProFonts is still growing. This quarter Derek Vogelpohl (of ShyFonts/Shyfoundry) joined the roster, as well - so now there will be some good text-fonts available in our usual large multilingual character set, too. We hope you will enjoy them!

In this news release I present 12 fonts:
- 4 from Derek Vogelpohl
- 2 from Ray Larabie
- 2 from Kevin King
- 2 from Brian Kent
- 1 from Nick Curtis
- 1 from myself - and it's free! :)

I have also made a PDF Font Catalog available for download - here you can really zoom in on the details of all our fonts. I am rather proud of the (often) cleaned-up outlines, and the way I have designed and implemented some of the more demanding diacritics :)

CheapProFonts is dedicated to supplying high-quality OpenType and TrueType fonts for setting “foreign” languages (languages requiring more than the basic A-Z characters) for professional Mac and Windows users.

Check our site for constant new releases, and see you in the next newsletter!

Roger S. Nelsson
High quality multilingual fonts at a low price - for professional (non-english) designers with a small budget!

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