Vista sans with Garamond or Minion?

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How about Vista Sans regular for headlines and Garamond or Minion for bodytext?

Do they match? I was trying to follow some of the "rules" in fontmatching I read on the other threads covering that topic. I chose Garamond and Minion because they are both humanist, and I compared apertures of e,c,a and tails of J,t etc. with Vista Sans Regular and it seems they should match well???

How am I doing? I'm mostly lost but I'm trying hard. ;))

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I recently used for a magazine Vista Sans black (titling alts on) for headlines with Garamond Premiere Pro regular for text to wonderful results. VS also looks great with Arno. Good luck!

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I've used Vista and Garamond a few times for scientific publications – works like a charm. If you're going to work with (narrow) columns, I'd prefer Minion for body.

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