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I am working on a logo for a temporary design, the company will be a high end storage facility for working on luxury cars, storing wine, etc.

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For a temporary design, use Arial and change it later.

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what exactly is a temporary design anyway?

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design Melbourne

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I just needed a quick design to throw up on a coming soon page. So i do not have a lot of time to put into it. But i will need a finished design. So lets just say this is my finished design and let me know what you think. I can't tell if i like it or not.

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Far too much contrast between the black "The" and "At" (which shouldn't have a capital "A" by the way) and the white of the rest of the text — especially with the background gradient already washing out the white text. Use a flat background color and switch "The" and "At" to the dark beige of the "For more information" text color.


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Are the letters in white supposed to have a glow to them?

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ahh thanks for your thoughts. Yes the letters are supposed to have a glow to them. here is the update:

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I'm seeing 3 different sections for the background. Change the top and bottom sections to the one background color of the middle section.


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I put the coming soon page up. The brown box is more explicit on the website.

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Having "The" and "at" bold and dark is calling too much attention to them. Whether you have added a stroke to them or not they look "fake" bold. They are all too big.

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yea, poor use of drop shadow. I fixed it on the version i put up on the coming soon page. Thanks for the tip.

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When time allows to work on a less "temporary" logo, I will be more than happy to review and critique.

Michael Browers

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lol. I think the clients are just going to use my temporary logo as the final, but either way I would still want my temporary work to be of high quality.

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It's not. Sorry.

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People are more than a little straightforward here; it's some sort of TP curse...or a bid for design-crowd popularity by being picky.

Your design shows that you have a grasp of the general direction you want to take things. The overall color and feel are probably very close to appropriate for the circumstances.

One thing to watch out for is the level of decoration that's going on. You don't want different elements of the design to represent their own continents, with their own styles and customs. The gradients used are probably not subtle enough, and that may be hurting the unity here. Gradients are informed by real-life lighting, so be conscious of what sort of lighting your gradients represent. The most often encountered gradients in real-life lighting are barely perceptible from start to finish.

Overall contrast is another thing to watch out for. Blacks and whites may be pulling your message apart.

You're on your way though.

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I think Garage club needs to be more prominent over Granite bay, because the former is the head and the latter is the sub. Granite bay, for example, could be set in all caps and much smaller directly underneath Garage club. You seem to be going for a upmarket, slightly old-world feel, so perhaps some real script, fine rules, centre alignment might lift it.

The whole thing also feels a bit slight, like it lacks contrast, maybe something in darker tones would feel a bit more confident. I would also lose the pshop/illustrator 3d effect.

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@ clashmore: any thoughts... on improvement?

@ maruchan: Thanks for your input. Sorry i should have posted the newest layout that i have up on the website, which is posted below.

@ nicholasgross: Real script as in handwritten? or a Script font? Are you talking about soley the logo or used somewhere in the design?

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I don't think the glow around Garage Clubs is helping your design. In fact, to me it weakens it. KOing the name of the company from a light tint makes it difficult to read and downplays it's importance. Having the word "The" in a dark tone against a light tint places the emphasis on the word "The".

Go back and tweak the composition in black and white - no gradiations, no glows, no drop shadows. Set your heirarchies, finalize the type and composition, then determine what might need embellishing.

Also why the dull brown. Brown and garage don't say luxury at least not in their current state.

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