typeface advice request: sans serif for rebrand ... I need a great 'g'!

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typeface advice request: sans serif for rebrand — I need a great 'g'!

This is a request for help. I will appreciate your offers of advice. I am redesigning an existing logo, the concept will stay the same, but I am changing the typeface. Currently it is Trebuchet and it is weak and unbalanced.

I cannot say what the actual letters are due to a confidentiality agreement, but there are two lowercase 'i's, an uppercase 'S', and a lowercase 'g' in the name. As the only descender in the word, the 'g' will garner the most attention.

I would very much appreciate suggestions for a solid sans serif, strong and forward thinking. This company is creating cutting-edge communications technology, I aiming for strength, clarity, spaciousness, and professionalism. And a great lowercase 'g'.

Ideally I would like a face that has a strong family that I can use as their corporate typeface, or perhaps a great pairing of a family with a face used only in the logo.

I look forward to hearing some opinions!

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would really help if you provided us with more info. perhaps the company's name, an image of the old logo, target audience etc.

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Maybe Pill Gothic, a font that Typophile helped to develop:


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I've always liked the ITC Kabel's lowercase g -- it certainly has a hi-tech feel. And it's a huge font family.

But I could not possibly find any other font to complement it.

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If you have such a great desire for a great 'g', would you not be better off having the whole logo created anew from the get-go, as original art? That way you have control of the whole project. You can get versions that will work large, small, reversed, 4-colour, 2-colour, screen, billboard, etc.

Then you can devote your energy to finding the corporate typeface that will pair best with your brand-new, original, unique logo.

We have a lot of types to choose from, but that does not mean that the right 'g' for this logo exists among all the sorts for all those faces.

So find a good letterer to create your logo. There's a strong heritage of working that way.


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Thanks for the input. Pill Gothic's 'g' is nice. Thanks for that lead. I'll consider it. Kabel is a little too... too... difficult for this. A custom 'g' might just be the way to go.

As I mentioned, due to a confidentiality agreement I can not publish any details about the company at all. And we all know how everything on the web is public.

The target audience is made up of investors, advertising agencies and large retailers. Not consumers. The product is an advertising technology.

Thanks for your kinds word everyone. It is nice to get others' perspectives. I wish I could get more input!

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