Your recommendations for a great ball terminal serif face please.....

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Hi Everybody,

I'm on the hunt for a great ball terminal serif typeface. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've attached a pic of some hand lettering I found in a '70s copy of playboy (massive apologies for the blurry picture!), its great but I've never seen a typeface like it anywhere. I'm about to start a series of greetings cards and would love to use a typeface similar to this.

If anyone knows of any faces like it I would love to hear their suggestions.



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A great post on Typographica: A bevy of balls.

I really like Farnham, Benton Modern, Jubilat, and Ambroise.

I realize you are looking for a script, but I couldn't help myself.

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Thanks for the plug, Tiff. You might also like Habano.

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Hi guys,

Cabernet on 'A bevy of balls' is almost sexual. I want it! The £65 price tag might put it out of my reach until I'm no longer a student with more pressing bills to pay. Carousel is affordable though so might be my answer. Thanks guys!


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