Multiple Master - Generate Weights ?

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I'm trying to create a MM font to then generate the weights between my Light and Bold weights, but I'm getting some strange results with some of the glyphs generated.

This is the process I'm using to create the MM font:

1. I have the light and bold weights open - these weights oulines have been checked with AFDKO's Fix Contour order, sharp angles and start points and Outline check
2. With the light weight selected, Tools - Mask - Assign font Mask, and select the Bold weight.
3. Then, Tools - Multiple Master - Define New Axis, and select weight.
4. Then select all glyphs in the light weight, Tools - Multiple Master - Mask to Master and select Wt1

This creates the MM fonts, all the glyphs are green which according to the manual means the outlines are compatible. When I then generate a weight from this some of the glyphs are completely distorted

This distortion only seems to happen when in step 4 - Mask to Master, I select 'Do not insert points'.

If I leave this unselected all the glyphs are still green and the weights produced have no distortion.

Should I be selecting 'Do not insert points' and I have some other problems or I'm I doing something else wrong ?


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it looks like your contours are compatible but have different start points. You could try generating the MM font with "Do not insert points" checked and then use the "Mach Masters" command to fix the start point inconsistencies.

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