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Is there a Futura with non-lining figures? Or a Futura-like typeface with OSF? I've seen it before in a book but can't find anything.



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Try Neutraface from House Industries.

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Neufville has lots of Futura variations, including non-lining figures. (I'd link directly to the sample page, but the site uses frames so I can't.)

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Sad the Neufville Futura SC are mostly reduced versions of the larger caps, they don't fit.

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The Foundry's Architype Renner includes text figures, as well as loads of
funky alternate characters based on Renner's drawings.

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I know. Isn't that a pain, Mark? Here's the cheatin' workaround link.
(Spawned by cmd-clicking links with Safari.)

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Also viewable at MyFonts with better showings.

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