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Hello Typophiles,

This is kind of an odd post for Typohile, but then again this is the general discussions area, right? I have been looking for some valuable insight into this and thought you guys may have some opinions I would respect on it.

I have been looking at this web host called Business Catalyst - they are what has been dubbed as a 'next generation web host' meaning that they provide easy to customize and add web apps, integrated CRM etc for designers to resell to clients. They also allow designers to rebrand their product to sell it as theirs, with billing through the reseller or direct to client. In their words:

BC is an online, hosted application that allows your clients to:

* Build and manage their website
* Write a blog and build a forum
* Run an online shop and accept payments
* Create email marketing campaigns
* Build a customer database
* Analyze and improve results

Has anyone used a hosting service like this before? What are your thoughts?

It seems too good to be true, but for a designer to be able to offer all of these backend features quickly, easily and cost-effectively would be amazing.

Apologies again for the non-type-related post BUT, you did say anything goes!

So thanks,

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The last time I used one of these it turned out that the whole thing was a pyramid scheme. Whoever I bought from got tired of it and dropped out leaving my domain suddenly gone. I’d go with a known hosting provider who just gives kickbacks for recommending clients. And keep in mind the old truism: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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These guys have LOADS of testimonials and have been in business for 10 years with HQ's and hosting in Australia, Europe, Asia, and East to Weast Coasts of the USA. My biggest concern was that the hosting was all in Australia which is where most of their testimonials come from, but they are expanding hosting globally.

Check out their site James.

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This is what most web hosts offer. There is nothing 'next generation' about the concept.

I'd likely go with a host that offers open source options to the bullet point list above just to make it so the client isn't forever trapped in one service agreement through one reseller.

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Good point about the 'trapped' bit. I imagine that is a key component of their customer retention strategy. I am trying to determine if their apps are open-source (I imagine not).

So, just to clarify Darrel, do you think a lot of web hosts would offer all of these features INTEGRATED with each other? The core foundation of their service seems to be a CRM which maintains a database of all of your customers which on turn can be used to drive full email marketing (included), take bookings, make sales etc.

Maybe I am behind on what most hosts offer, but to offer all of this as an integrated solution in a format that a client can self manage and update seems great.

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