Candy type from the olden days

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I am working on a Candy Store logo which needs to have an old fashioned look. Can anyone suggest suitable fonts for such a project? Also does anyone know the name of the font used in the attached Santa Ambroeus logo?

Many thanks!


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Check Letterhead Fonts for lots of vintage advertising styles.

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Thanks Justin - I'll have a look at Letterhead Fonts. Would still be interested to find out the font in the logo sample...

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Coquette shares some similarities.
Adonis Old Style shares some similarities.
Monte Carlo Script shares some similarities.
Artemisia shares some similarities.

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There is a font available on called 'Mamãe Que Nos Faz', that is very similar.

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This might have been a custom made typeface by Mucca Design. I believe they redesigned that logo and they often do custom made typefaces for their projects.



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What is the name of the candy store?

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Thank you everyone for all your suggestions and help. I am sure one of the fonts Miss Tiffany's mentioned will work. Also its good to know the background behind the Santa Ambroeus logo Kco.

The name of the Candy Store is 'Halal Candy Store' - so in addition to the traditional look it would be good to have a connection to Islam.


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Nice job! You can attach some bright colors to express the theme more powerfully. I hope you've got so many clues of advancing the quality of the logo. Good luck.
halal sweets

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Why do spammers always write such garbage?

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