Sub all U/C for L/C

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Hi just wondering in FL5 how I can create a permanent substitution that makes all uppercase glyphs default to lowercase? This is because I have multiple subs for lowercase letters and they can't be easily accessed if the letters are uppercase,

I don't want to copy the lowercase glyphs to the uppercase character map as I'd have to do all the subs again.

Thanks for your help.

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You should use composites in your lc slots and classes for the subs. Then it won't be too much effort.

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I think if you put this in calt it would work

sub A by a;
sub B by b;


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Thanks for the feedback guys.

I'm just getting into OT features and haven't tackled classes yet, I might look into implementing this.

If I was to go the calt route, will that automatically work in AI/ID, or does it have to be 'enabled' through the OT palette?

Thanks again.

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The calt way requires activating it through OT in design programs. Would be just as easy to just always change all text to L/C. I'll maybe give the classes thing a go if I get time.

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Calt is by default "ON" in InDesign – that is why I mentioned it.

But if you dont need the uppercases you should really replace them as Christophe describes. That would be the real thing to do here :)

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