Hello everyone.

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I have just joined, but my soul has been here for years. I have often used this site as a reference in my own personal studies. I have been borderline-obsessed with writing systems in general most of my 31 years on the planet, and I have a passion for learning about any that I find.

I hope to share and learn much here, as I have in other places.

If anyone may be interested, they can venture over to my forum for a moment and look around.


That's all for now, I'll check back tomorrow.

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Cadim kulyom

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You're welcome.

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Carl, hello and welcome. Writing systems rule.
You know about this? http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/qalam/


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hrant, no I was unaware of that particular Yahoo group. I appreciate you pointing it out, and I apologize for the delayed response, school, work and family life have kept me quite busy of late.

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