AMAN Logotype

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This is a logotype using the jos' Fontin Sans, for the Ancient Music Association of Nancy (Association de Musique Ancienne de Nancy) or "A.M.A.N". I've played with the "A" and the "M" of "Ancient" and "Music" to create a kind of old monogram with the Caslon, which is contrasted by the contemporary face of the Fontin Sans.


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That's very pleasing to the eye. I like the way the swashes look like musical clefs. Nice work :)

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wow, stunning work!
well done!

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Beautiful as always!

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thank you all.

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Beautiful. Very lovely. Great one.


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I'm so glad I looked at this, because I then looked at your website and then looked at Jos's website too, neither of which I've seen before. Superb. Thank you.

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thank you very much !

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