5 IDs that i came across this week

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Hi guys, these are 5 jpgs of lovely type that ive come across this week. Many might be custom, yet i'd still like to give it a go.. Thanks for looking!

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No. 1 could be customized Etelka.

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Number 1 is (early) custom work from me. There are tons of square sans serifs available though. :)

No 5. (zoetwaterbron) is also custom, designed by René Knip and Janno Hahn (see here and here. Knip has a flash site, so no direct links unfortunately).

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ZEN looks like it could be Felix

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Thanks guys, all of you been a great help so far. By the way, that Janno Hahn custom one has to be the best uncial font ive ever seen!

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potfolio-cph seems custom to me. Don't know of any match. You might like FF Max Extra Light.

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Did anyone have any ideas about the Estatum one? I'm curious now…

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