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Hello everyone,
I'm sorry if this is not the right place to ask this kind of question, but I've been desperatly trying to figure out which font is being used for the title of that page : The closest I've found so far is Kabel, but that's not the right font. If anyone could help me, that'd be really great !

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Hi Nomo,

welcome to Typophile!

the right place to ask this kind of question

Almost. There is a special forum, the Type ID Board. But don’t bother, maybe a moderator will move your post.

Similar typefaces are Chalet 1970 or Horatio.

You can find a lot more like these at Mike’s incredible Bauhaus-style Font ID Guide – though I haven’t spotted a perfect match, at first sight.

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looks like a mix between horatio light and harry with a y2k neophyte flava

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I admit that I'm quite curious about the identity of this font :)

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