Typography and graphic design in the Belgian capital

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Hi, everyone
I'm spending two days in Brussels in a few weeks : would someone recommend a bookshop there where I can find books about type, typography, graphic design, etc. ?
Thank you very much

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Hi Celeste,

don't know about brussels but there's a very good (art)bookstore in "Gent" and "Antwerp"

here's the link:


when you're two days in belgium it might be cool to visit Gent or Antwerp, especially antwerp so you have a chance to go see the "Plantin Moretus museum" A MUST see for everybody thats into type. (link)



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Perhaps if Yves hasn't become a rock star by then, he can recomend some good places for you :-)


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Thank you very much, Omar — I know Gent and Antwerpen quite well already (been there two or three times) and yes, the Plantin-Moretus Museum is an absolute treat (especially in spring, when the roses bloom in the inner garden).
Unfortunately, this time I'm “only” going to Brussels — and I hoped someone like Yves could give me one or two addresses there.

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