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We've just finished the first phase of a redesign of the Scriptorium Fonts site. We've increased the level of dynamic content and totally redone the layout and basic appearance of the site. It's a bit more modern and a lot less clunky.

Right now the revisions apply to the main entry page and most of the editorial and new release information material. We're going to continue to gradually implement the same format changes on the rest of the site until it's all integrated.

Stop by and check it out. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

It's all at


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It's great to have a site dedicated to this area of typography, so all speed to you Dave. The only thing about the site that spoils it for me is the main banner. Whoever's done it has basically not heard of antialiasing. The main name 'The Fontorium' is all jagged and rough. It could be so much cleaner than this (assuming this is what you want to achieve). I think you should also reconsider the use of the 'outer glow' effect on the name.

Good luck with the site though.


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Hi Dave, please check your sample for Waldeck: There is an umlaut missing. Instead of "halt ihn warm" it must spell "hält". Or am I to assume the typeface contains no umlauts?

BTW, I like your stuff.

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Waldeck does have characters with umlauts, I just typed the sample text in a hurry and forgot to use the proper accented characters. Very sharp eye to catch that.


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