Software for Calligraphy

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If anyone knows about a software designed specially for digital calligraphy - please write HERE:-)

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Take a look at Frederik Berlaen's Kalliculator

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well 10x guys
now the picture gets more clear:-)

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Jordan, et al

Very interesting and fun programs. I came away with two thoughts.

1)By the time that the demos finished several letters most calligraphers would have been finished with "the piece." 2) As an origination program it definitely has its pluses, but would fall short when it came to the subtle nuances that can be achieved with pen manipulation. In the "n" example below (FB Pouty) the black dots represent attitudinal (angle) shifts and in most cases an addition of pressure on the pen to create waisting.

I guess what I am trying to say is that they are wonderfully basic tools (or just a starting point), so why not do it with ink and pen and get the whole enchilada at one time. Don't get me wrong... I embrace technology, I just prefer the human touch.

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well, Michael, nothing against human touch and nothing against technology I would say:-)))
For the last 10 years I have really had enough work with paper, ink, and nibs - especially with copperplate ones - I got tired and decided to begin digital way of life following tradition - it's really a lot diffrent, but when one has enough experience in traditional calligraphy then trying digital - believe me, one gets wings!!!:-)))
. . . and I am happy with this so I am stuck to this SOFTWARE SEARCH AFFAIR:-)

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> but when one has enough experience in traditional calligraphy then trying digital - believe me, one gets wings!!!:-)))

... and swing!!!:-)))

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I hoping to try this when it becomes available for the Mac.

Looks like it could be quite good for digital calligraphy.

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I've been looking for such a software too.

I have tested Inkscape and CorelDraw and there are some things that differentiate them.
While in Inkscape, using the Wacom Intuos tablet, is getting closer to the traditional way of writing calligraphic texts, in CorelDraw things can be more precisely controlled but less of a gesture.

In CorelDraw there is an "export to TTF" option.
In Inkscape (the latest build, not yet 0.47) there is the possibility of saving brush settings. And spiro.

Here are some of the tests I did in Inkscape.

One advantage of digital calligraphy is that kerning can be adjusted. One disadvantage is the lack of texture like in epixs works from behance gallery.

I haven't tested Illustrator yet.

I think working with traditional tools and then scanning, tracing and adjusting is much easier and better for now.

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