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I am designing a cover letter for our catalogue that we are about to mail out. The cover letter is basically the address of the customer we are shipping to, plus some sales information about what is in the new catalogue. I want to lay it out with 4-6 boxes which have a headline like "New lower prices!" or "Great new freight rates" and a few words below those headlines that say "see page xx for details" or "Range XYZ page 55, range ABC, page 66" etc.

I'm searching for fonts that I can use for the headline statements and the information below it. Something that says new and exciting and has a modern feel to it.

The catalogue is for a wholesaler of organic and eco products.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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You might want to check this typeface family.

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I was going to say Museo (by Jos Buivenga), but then I read the line where you specify the industry and thought better of it. I would recommend you look a Buivenga's other typefaces, like the Fontin family. That family provides enough variety to set the entire page.

For a cleaner, friendly and pretty economical sans, check out District (by GarageFonts) or Delicious (also by Buivenga). Also take a look at Yanone's Kaffeesatz.

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Thanks for your suggestions. I'll have a look at them.


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