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First off, I would like to thanks all of you who have participated in my previous post for Centinella logo. This is the following up post. The world "Centinela" means "guard", client like a shield or perhaps a symbol to protrait trust, confident. So I stick with 2 of my old design (I know some of you did not like them) and made a new one out of a trojan head. I have one more version that I'm working on and I will post on here as soon as I finish. So here it is agian. Thanks you guys.

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I dislike the top one.

I think my favorites are the bottom two. I like the new centurion helmet mark. I think it could be enlarged in relation to the text, perhaps somewhere (size-wise) between the top one and where it is now. Also, not a huge fan of the shiny button look. What would it look like without that effect on it?


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The helmet is a big improvement over the stylized "C".

I think you should try to apply the helmet mark to the first two designs.

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yes. lose the gloss/chrome looks - they're not adding anything.

The centurian is a nice direction but I don't think it's working quite as well as it could. Its placement in the box/diamond isn't great. The first one seems to have a slight rotation upward which in my impression doesn't create the authoritarian pose it 'should' ... i.e, not much confidence. The diamond version doesn't work at all in my opinion, but the idea is nice.

I don't mind the first one, but it didn't work in one colour from memory. Also ... if it's a shield, does the idea of the shield having been pierced by a sharp object create any unwanted stories?

Forget the second one.

Paul Ducco
Logo Design Melbourne

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I deleted one option, and modified some. Also added one new option. Thanks again you guys.

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Your fourth choice, of the shield, seems your strongest. I think it is very clear, even from a distance. I didn't recognize that some of the other logos had helmets in them. The forth logo was clear.

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I don't like the shield version because it's too wide compared to its height. Shields were normally differently dimensioned.

Some sure things:
1. Don't pursue any more in the #1 and #2
2. Use the simple helmet as in the rest of logos.

The only concern I have is that this symbol has been used many times. It depends how wide is this trademark going to be seen.

My gut tells me to go with #3 with minor changes: Top of the symbol continues the light square. I'd make it rounded as the symbol goes. It looks very nice and strong. Type goes well with it and it will be capable of small size applications. But I don't know how are you going to make a BW version of it.

Robert Koritnik

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I second Robert's critique.

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I agree with getting rid of the first two

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One more thing about #3. It uses a rather unusual type positioning. Most logos have either left/center/right aligned type. A small percentage of logos do it differently. Like you did. And that is intriguing and your version is also well balanced.
Robert Koritnik

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