Yves Peters/Bald Condensed/Troubleman needs your vote!

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Hi everyone,

As many of you may know, I've been playing drums in British/Belgian pop/rock band Troubleman for over 10 years. If you want to know what we do, where we've been, and sample our music please visit our MySpace or Facebook page. In the increasingly difficult music business the quality of your music isn't sufficient enough for a breakthrough and a band needs all the help it can get.

Now that our second album is out we might have a shot at something more serious. Bel-RTL has a new concept for Sunday nights between 9PM and midnight. Three bands are featured on the Bel RTL website and during the broadcast. Every Sunday the band that garnered the most votes will get airplay and an interview on the premier radio of the French community in Belgium. Troubleman was selected for the first broadcast with "Radio", so vote for us! It's simple -- just click the link below and select "Troubleman" in the list.

Voting ends on Tuesday midnight, so there's a little over 24 hours left. Thank all of you who decide to help us. ;^)

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You got my vote, Yves!


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Mine too. Still a few needed though.

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Yeah, I wouldn't ask otherwise. They rebooted the voting because they suspected foul play. When it originally started a week ago the middle guy received a staggering 800+ votes within a few minutes, bringing him to 90% of the votes. I don't know if you can devise a program that does that automatically (vote - erase cookies - vote - erase cookies and so on), but it was sufficient for the organisation to let us compete again. I think now at least we stand a fair chance. :^)

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Well, I just voted under the new system. Now you are neck and neck! Everyone vote for Yves! What would Typophile be without him?

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I did so as well and voted and it seems you are now ahead by 2 %, as of right now. ;)


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Keep 'em coming! Thanks everyone. :^)

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Just voted - and please inform us if / when you are on air!

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You got my vote as well


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By the way, great song Yves!

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Thank you, Magnus, we're quite happy with our second album ourselves. BTW It was great finally meeting you in St.Petersburg.

And yes Katharina, I will let you know more as soon as I have information about broadcasting times (if we win of course! :^).

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i just voted too! i liked the song/s i heard on facebook... congrats!

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But, hey wait!
If You become an international rock star, wouldn't that mean You'd have less time on type forums & blogs?

I can see that Type ID:ing at Typophile and being a rock deity pretty much are equal in sex appeal, but I get it if selling mega multi platinum would pay better.

Off to vote then. Thanks for all the memories.

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Well you got my vote. Great song and 14% ahead as of now, looks good.

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I love music, I love Belgium, I love Trouble, man...er, Troubleman.


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Hey Yves... you are taking this drummer thing too far. In almost all the pictures you are in the background or to the side. Step up man and take center stage once in a while. YOU are a TYPOPHILE!!!!

PS I voted too, and I loved Radio!


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If Yves’ type-IDing capabilities were in any way related to his drumming, he’d be only IDing 80ies type ;-)


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Voted. You're in the lead! Good luck, Yves.

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You have my vote!

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Well in the lead thanks to my second vote (home and work 400 votes in between – oh dear, does that invalidate it?). Is that a Feargal Sharkey tribute or is it Feargal himself?


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Go Troubleman!

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My candidate quiz:
1. do you still wear lipstick onstage, or just off?
2. are your musical views, left of center, middle of the road or right on?
3. who were your musical heroes growing up, if you ever did?
4. why do drummers always seem to die first?
5. can a song be popular and not populist?
6. is there such thing as non-commercial music?
7. if the three top music companies went down, would you give them $700,000,000,000.07, or just the $.07?


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voted ;)

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1. The only time I wore lipstick on stage is when the guitar player wrote "PORN STAR" on my bare chest for the gig at the Rock Garden in London a couple of years ago. My chest is nowhere as impressive as John Downer's nor Dolly Parton's.
2. My personal music views are left of center, yet when I play it's right on.
3. I'm still waiting to get out of puberty, but Prince made a tremendous impression on me and greatly influenced my drumming style. Little did I know back then he mainly used a drum machine.
4. Because they live fast (and consequently die young). And they're crazy. A can't miss combination.
5. Yes.
6. That's elitist crap. I don't know anyone who makes music and doesn't want the rest of the world to hear it.
7. I'd dance on their collective graves as they ripped off countless artists in the past and are directly responsible for the current malaise in the music business.

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Amen to #7, Yves. I voted too. All the best!

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A little under an hour to go and it still is a thriller! After our direct competitor came back we managed to get on top again and are now looking at 56% of the votes. We're trying our very best to hang on in there. Thank you so much all of you. The exposure is no guarantee, but let's hope it gives us a push in the right direction.

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Stupid site — I tried to vote multiple times and that did not work ; )

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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Now you're 57%

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It appears that when you clear your cookies and restart your browser you can vote again. But I think it's OK. With only five minutes left and still at 57% I think we made it. Phew...

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I typed my vote. Long life to Rock'n Roll.

Congrats Troubleman.


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Voted. 58%.

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I guess I got there too late, but looks like you won!? Congratulations.

Btw, I think the U.S Presidential election should make use of the same system of voting.

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(double posting... can't delete)

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Nice music too! Sounds like a nice tight kerning equals for some nice tight, but airy drums!

If Troubleman was a font, which font would it be? ;-)

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oh, I voted too.


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Congratulations Yves, you got my vote too. :^)

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Sadly I missed it but I am glad you won.

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