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I'm trying to use Anchor Attachments to position marks to base glyphs for an Indic font I'm creating with FontLab+VOLT.

The positioning of the mark works well and VOLT does provide a really nice interface to tune this perfectly well.

However, when I run the feature through the Proofing Tool, there is a space after the base, presumably by the mark that is now attached to the base.

I've tried this with 'Below-Base Mark Positioning' and 'Mark Positioning' features - the result is thesame.

The attached screen shot may help illustrate the problem.

Appreciate any help or pointer.


Telugu_Anchor_Attachments.png36.56 KB
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Are your marks zero width? Marks should have no advance width, and should be made that way in your font outline creation tool prior to work in VOLT.

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Thank you, John. That is indeed the problem. Have fixed that and it's working well now.


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It appears you are working with Telugu font. What is your success rate. I am also trying with a telugu font with VOLT. I adopted the Pothana2000 like glyph structure. In VOLT proofing tool I am getting the right ligatures etc. But on compiling and testing in Word or OO the letters are not forming. Can you help me?

I attaching my screenshot.

Venu Gopal

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