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I've only been playing with type for a short amount of time, but am already utterly hooked on it. However, my knowledge is still incredibly limited, so I was wondering if anyone could offer some suggestions regarding a font for a logo.

The company is called 'exocet' and is to be depicted in lowercase characters, and I want to be able to use a font that somehow resembles or evokes the same kind of feeling as the typefaces used in old penguin books, and the like.

So: a serif font that's not too clean and tidy, and could translate well enough at various sizes. The only thing I've come across that's close, as an example, is Milton MN Demi Bold. I know it's not one that would've been used as body, but it's just an idea as to the sort of thing that i'm after.

Does this even make any sense?

Hope it does...

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Well there are these three that aren't as unique as Milton, but might be more in the vein of body texts: Adobe Garamond Pro, Adobe Jenson Pro & Adobe Caslon Pro.

You could always use those as a base and then customize it how you want . . .


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In the late 1940s Jan Tschichold redesigned Penguin Books and developed the “Penguin Composition Rules”.

For the Penguin Classics, Tschichold would mix various weights of Monotype Bembo and Monotype Centaur Titling.
For the the King Penguin Series quite a few: Pastonchi, Walbaum, Lutetia (by Jan van Krimpen). Bell for many of the Penguin Poets and Caslon Old Face for the Penguin Musical Scores.

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Thanks for the input; I never really considered the adobe fonts (for no good reason at all), but they're actually not bad - just not quite what I had in mind. And I can definitely see myself using that information about Penguin books at a later date.

But, having said all that and after a meeting i had with the clients, the whole look and feel were changed and they've settled on this design, which uses 'Verve', slightly modified. The font used in the lower left-hand corner of the business card is Daxline Pro (extra bold I think), and I was planning on using it throughout their identity, including body text. The only thing is, I'm not too sure how well it works as a legible body font, and was wondering if anyone knew of any pitfalls associated with using it as such.

Or perhaps there are some alternatives someone knows about? Daxline is the closest i could find to compliment the logo and logotype, but any other suggestions would be great.

P.s Sorry if this too much of a topic-change.

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Look at Electra, and others by Dwiggins.


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Look at Dax in New Scientist, and decide how well it works as a text face.

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