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There is an article in PDF format by David Lemon on T1 hinting. All the links I find for it no longer work. Does anybody happen to have this article?

Edit: Basic Type 1 Hinting by David Lemon now attached.

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Stephen, I have the article for you. Should I mail it to you?


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Someone already did, but thanks.

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i also got across it. can someone send it to me, too, please... ;-)

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Perhaps we need a place for handy old articles without a home on the web. Maybe we can beef the wiki up somehow.

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In this case, Stephen if you'd attach it that'd be great!

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I’m interested as well.

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Hey, all. I'm the somebody who sent Stephen a copy of the article. Here's a link to it:


The Fontographer screen shots are a bit out of date but the principles are the same in FontLab or whatever.

(I'll remove it if anyone objects.)

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By the way, the article has no date on it (not even in the PDF metadata), but I would guess, judging from some of the references in it, that David wrote it sometime between 1998 and 2001.

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Thanks Mark!

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Mark, the article dates from 1996. David gave this presentation on PS hinting at the ATypI conference in The Hague that year.

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Thanks, John. My guess was based on his mention of FontLab 3 (Windows version released in 1998) in the present tense and FontLab 4 (released in 2001) in the future tense. Maybe this was an updated version of his ATypI presentation?

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Quite likely.

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Mark if you'd like to give the article to me I can add it to the first post.

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Option-click the link I posted above...

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X-X I'm blind!

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