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Quick question: when replacing a letter with an apostrophe, as in 'cause, is it conventional to use a straight apostrophe, or a single curly/typographer's quote, and which direction should it be in?


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I think this post just answered my question...

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An apostrophe is always oriented the same way as a comma.

While it did turn out right in this case, you can't always depend on automatic correction (such as in this forum, or in Word) to get these things right, because there's no way for the software to tell whether something is supposed to be a single quote or an apostrophe.

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Have to be careful with this question as modern convention could be said to be one way because this is so often seen done incorrectly these days! :-(

Anyway, quotes are like 6s and 9s right? An apostrophe should always be a 9 if the font contains it.

The “straight apostrophe” is a foot mark.

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