Squidot (a.k.a. Questa)

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For now it's just a little exercise:
I always wanted to draw a fairly simple squarish didone like font.


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Questa sounds pretty awesome to me.

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I like Quadrille because it's a dance, and you've got a nice dance of shapes going on here.

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"Questo" too : because of the use of the ligature and the Q. That's something really italian and that's perfect with the Bodoni... "Quadrille" means something like "grid" in french, so that's doesn't fit i think.

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Or you can use that website : Band Name Maker. It's a band name generator. That could be fine too :-)

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I like Questo better than Questa ("Ask your doctor if Questa is right for you").

Have we spoiled the broth yet? :-)

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Dan – Thanks.

William – I like Quadrille also, but Questa has the st ligature.

Hugo – Had some laughs with the Band Name Generator. What about "Misplaced Aguilera And The Prey" :-)

Craig – No broth spoiled ;-) ... I can still cook up a name with all your generous help. I like Questa better than Questo btw. Sound a little more feminine.

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yeah, great ! sounds feminine too... ahahha. i've found "frog juice" with that tool. It could be great for a type based on the Garamond or any french old type, you know, because we are the "frog-eaters" here ! :-)

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I'm happy to announce that Questa turned into the Questa project.

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Exciting. Can't go wrong with Majoor.

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Had the same thought ;) It's just rough ideas for now. We are going to work on it for one day a week (untill I've finished Calluna) starting next week. Hope I can show some directions soon.

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What an exciting outlook indeed, wow.
I'm really excited about this font anyway! That "Q"… *sigh*

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The Q is the main reason why it's called Questa :) BTW I re-read this topic and hey... noticed the first Ernestine!

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ExQuisite indeed.

Ernestine: I just re-noticed too! Am I ever glad you didn't like that name. :->

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LOL! I can imagine. Ernestine fits Ernestine like a glove.

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All right! I was wondering if any progress was being made on this font, although I know you have other projects in front of it.


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Worked on the text version today. Really great!

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