A good condensed serif

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For a newspaper, we are looking for a good condensed headline serif font. We have been using Garamond Condensed, but we are looking for other choices, ideas?

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For a pushing appearance, how about Swift condensed? Ok, Swift has a large x-height, that differs from the good Garamonds i know …

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The Whitman Display fonts were developed originally for newspaper headlines. (Minneapolis Star Tribune commissioned the initial styles.) The x-ht/extender proportions are a little more classical than some other recent news headletter styles and might be an easier transition from Garamond (if that's important).

The fonts haven't yet been put up for Retail download on Font Bureau's website, but they are available for license by contacting FB directly.

You can see samples at my site: http://www.kentlew.com.

Also, there's a PDF showing available (not linked on the site) here: http://www.kentlew.com/Type/WhitmanDisplay_Sample.pdf


-- Kent.

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One of the best (modern) serif newspaper fonts:

Gulliver by Gerard Unger

In use:

Should be working just as fine (or even better?) for a more... er... sophisticated newspaper than the one shown here

See also >>>

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@ kent: Whitman is a beauty, I’ll keep that one in mind...

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