postscript fonts on PCs?

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hi - sorry if this is a remedial question.

Is it possible to use postscript fonts on a PC, or do they only work on Macs?


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Windows has native support for "PostScript" (Type 1) fonts on Windows 2000, XP and Vista. They are natively supported for applications using the GDI and WPF APIs, but not for GDI+ (which is little used anyway).

A few Windows applications only work with TrueType fonts. The most notable such application is AutoCAD.

Other than that, the other important thing to know is that the Windows flavor of Type 1 is a physically different file format than the Mac flavor. You can't copy Mac Type 1 fonts to Windows and have them work.

OpenType fonts with PostScript style outlines (OpenType CFF fonts) work fine on both Windows and Macs.


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No Type 1 in WPF (OpenType CFF is suported). Apart from that Tom is correct.

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thanks so much!

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If your question was, 'will my Mac Postscript fonts work on a PC' then the answer is no, unless you convert them with something like CrossFont or unless you re-generate them with Fontlab or Fontographer. All .otf Postscript fonts are cross-platform compatible. The latest version of CrossFont will convert Mac fonts either into PC or into OpenType (.otf) format. I haven't used the program in years, but in the past have always found it to work flawlessly.

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