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As you may know, I've been working on the ATypI Type Technology Forum topics for ATypI Prague at the end of September. There are two days of programming, one of "beginner" material and one "advanced."

I have a full slate of "advanced" stuff pretty much complete with speakers lined up. But what I am lacking is speakers for the beginner track. Because of the foundational nature of the beginner track, I have quite a few ideas about some appropriate topics (although I'm still open to suggestions). However, I still need volunteers to talk about these items. If you have some expertise in the area, will be at ATypI Prague, and would be willing to do all or even part of a presentation, please let me know by May 31.

I'm really hoping not to do more than one or two of these myself. :-)

Below are some proposed topics and rough running times. (For example, "0.75" means 45 minutes.)

ATypI Font Technology Forum (DRAFT)


Formats & hinting 101 - Type 1 & TrueType (0.75)
Overview of the differences in Type 1 ("PostScript")
and TrueType style outlines and hinting.
Including visual examples and issues in font editing.

Introduction to Unicode & the character/glyph model (0.75)

Introduction to advanced font formats (1.5)
Problems with traditional DTP
variation fonts/MMs


TrueType hinting quality (Yakupov, 0.5)

Font philosophy 101 - OpenType vs AAT (0.25)

Font development tools overview (1)
FontLab (also TypeTool, Asia Font Studio)
DTL FontMaster
Microsoft Font Validator
Adobe FDK testing tools
Microsoft VOLT
Apple tools

Basics of OpenType layout (0.5)
substitution features
positioning features
lookup types

Real world support (0.5)
Unicode & advanced font formats in OSes & Applications

Unicode vs. hacked encodings for languages
(panel, 0.5)
Many existing fonts use "hacked" faux western encodings
to represent local languages. But many new and upcoming
applications will only work with Unicode encoded fonts.
The panel discusses the problem and solutions.

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