What is this rounded type ?

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it's got some texturing on it , but i care just about the original typeface , do you know wich one it is and if there is a free/open or an alternative to it ?

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Im pretty sure its just Frankfurter with an offest path or a thick stroke.


I gave it a shot there, looks pretty close.


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i would back that up too, im pretty sure its frankfurter (like dunking donuts use for their logotype!) set to outlines with a slightly thicker stroke line

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thanx ,

@ bobby : wich frankfurter u used ? meduim , normal etc... ? and how you did the path or stroke ? in photoshop , illustrator ?


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bobby, please ?

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Anyway , can im looking for a cool font rounded font so i found a couple of them , can you identify these 2 ?

this one is nice, but is diferent from the one that ive been told is frankfurter.


and this one is a bit different


Dou you know whats them name ? thanx

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