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LakersGround is the premier online community for fans of the Los Angeles Lakers. The current logo is getting long in the tooth so I've decided to whip up something new.

-Purple & Gold as the primary color palette
-Work equally well on dark and light backgrounds
-A wide version (for the website header) and a stacked version for shirts, etc.

I like them all but only one of them can make the coveted website spot. Still I'd like to offer at least two as T-Shirt options (one of the versions with purple "Lakers" and one of the versions with gold "Lakers".)

Any comments or critiques would be very appreciated. (Even from Celtics fans ;)

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I like the long horizontal designs the best. The first one I suppose. But it may not work on a white background.

Have you tried making the stroke on the letters bigger?

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The two font choices are too similar to contrast but different enough to feel wonky next to each other. I would stay with one or choose a second that provides true contrast. Otherwise, I like the oblique, lining versions for their suggested movement and ability to fill the top of a web page layout. But the stacked versions perhaps will offer a bit more versatility. Go Raptors!

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Backgrounds matrix:

I still need to decide which of the first two (Purple Lakers) and which one of the next three (Gold Lakers) I should go with. Black is probably the most important BG for them to look good on, white next, with gold and purple last.

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