»Type specimen« in other languages?

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how do you say »type specimen« in other languages?
In German, my native language, it is »Schriftmuster«.
What is it in France, in Spanish, Greek or Russian?

Jak se česky řekne »type specimen«?
Hoe zeg je »type specimen« in het Nederlands?
Miten sanotaan »type specimen«suomeksi?
Comment dit-on »type specimen« en français?
Πῶς λὲς »type specimen« στὰ ἑλληνικά;
Come si dice »type specimen« in italiano?
Jak się mówi »type specimen« po polsku?
Como se diz »type specimen« em português?
Как сказать »type specimen« по-русски?
¿Cómo se dice »type specimen« en español?

Please tell me your native language and how you say »type specimen«.
Thank you very much in anticipation of your answers!

Kind regards,
Th. Kunz

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> Miten sanotaan »type specimen«suomeksi?

En tiedä. Kirjainmallit? I’ve never seen it in Finnish.

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schriftemuschtär in swiss german...

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Jak se česky řekne »type specimen«? »ukázka písma« there is more forms in czech how to say this but "ukázka písma" is polite

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서체 견본 (seoche gyeonbon) in Korean, if you're interested...

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muestra de tipografía in Spanish.

«El futuro es una línea tan fina que apenas nos damos cuenta de pintarla nosotros mismos». (La Luz Oscura, por Javier Guerrero)

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In Italian "specimen dei caratteri tipografici ; specimen della/delle font."
In Turkish "yazı tipler örnek" could be possible.
In Finnish, "hyvät tyypit" maybe : )

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Dutch: letterproef.

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" Catálogo de Tipos "

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I haven't heard a term in Armenian, but
տառանմուշ (literally: letter sample) works.


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"betűminta" in Hungarian, even though you didn't ask.


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In Arabic:
namathejun min al-ahrufi
نَمَاذِجٌ مِنَ الأحرُفِ

displayed in my forthcoming AlQuds font

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Thank you very much!

I have also found: spécimens de caractères imprimés (France).
Aren’t there any greek and/or russian speaking people out there?

Th. Kunz

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Come si dice »type specimen« in italiano?

The term coined by Alessandro has no historical relevance. You should look for "campionario caratteri" (typeface specimen), or "campionario caratteri tipografici", or "campionario dei caratteri".

Great post. :=)

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Claudio, hypothesis and theory are not different things but just different words for the same kind of statement. Once I also believed that the history of typography could be separated from the history of writing simply because this was the history written by learned men in famous book.

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"type specimen" in Czech language - can be "písemný vzor" or "předepsaný vzor" or else "předepsaný mustr". If I know more about the purpose I can be more specific. There is a several option to make a sense and Czech language can be really flowery, so in this case I have to know more to get right answer.

Talk to you soon

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@Alessandro: I don't understand what you mean. “Campionario caratteri” is the name which has been used as long as we had printed specimens, I did not propose a theoretical name.
If you use "specimen" side by side of "caratteri" on Google you get more results, but if you use "campionario", you get less, but more relevant.
Of course, the English term has become more common use as in the last 10 years more Italian people started to get involved in type design, but the English term does not make a substitute per se.

I have never thought history of typography could be separated from the history of writing, where did you get the idea when you believed so?

EDIT: Of course, "specimen" is Latin, but in this specifical meaning is an English adoption. In Italian it seems it's used mostly as a biology (or medicine) term.

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Sure it was a bit of a rant in a rainy day, Claudio, I know you are right, and if we look at G.B. Bodoni he had not used "campionario" but "serie."

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In sweden we would say "stilprov" which is kind of funny in a way, because it is more like "stylespecimen" – I guess it comes from the old word "Stilgjuteri" which is the swedish word for "Type Foundry"

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In Greek: δειγματολόγιο.
Not the most accurate translation of the term but that's the one used.

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and if we look at G.B. Bodoni he had not used “campionario” but “serie.”
Yes, although we have a plurality of meaning in this.
You're right, however, about "campionario", it's more a commercial term and it probably emerged in the early 1900s, after the industrial revolution. But it seems quite a good explanatory term in Italian to me, for this purpose. Actually "serie" would be almost an appropriate translation for "Font" (a specific style, weight and size). Of course, "serie" is also the weight/variant only.

Thanks for all the translations… :=)

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It is explanatory and it also sounds more outdated than the Latin one to me.
I think "serie" had no commercial attributes but you may be right.

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I think “serie” had no commercial attributes but you may be right.

Of course not, in Bodoni's times… :=)
I meant it took on commercial attributes after WWI (as Nebiolo started its studio, in the early 1930s the first specimens start using "serie" consistently: serie nera, serie chiara, etc…)

I'm beginning to understand the subtleties of these terminologies right now, researching the roots of many Nebiolo "clones" of German types.

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