Museo Sans release

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Museo Sans has been released. It comes in 10 styles: five weights with each an italic. Two styles (500 & 500 italic) are free. Available at MyFonts.

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Looking at it I keep thinking ‘the other Avenir’ (‘other’ meaning nice alternative).

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Really cool! I do have a postcard which I was thinking to hand set the back side. Now looking at Museo 500 I think I am going to use it instead. Re-que-congrats!

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That's a great compliment, Jan. Thanks.

Nice, André. Keep me posted :-)

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Museo Sans is featured in MyFonts Rising Stars October 2008.

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I love Museo but the Sans version is just another Frutiger/Myriad for me :(

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I guess it all depends on how you look at it. Glad you like Museo.

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It's #1 today :-)

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Wow, better than Helvetica!

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Only for a day ;-)

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"Only for a day ;-)" LOL! (literally)

That was great Jos... I absoulutely love Museo, when you released the sample, I adopted it as my corporate font, not knowing that it was going to be more popular than helvetica, even if if is just for a day, dude... that is frickin' awesome. Well done, thanks and keep up all your hard work... Can't wait to see what's next!


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Thank you, Justin! If you want to keep track of my new releases be sure to subscribe to my blog's feed.

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I'm proud that Museo and Museo Sans are featured in the latest MyFonts newsletter "Top 10 fonts of 2008". They even mention my marketing strategy ;-)

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Congratulations on having your awesomeness recognized! (and on the success of Museo…)

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:-) Thank you, James!

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And now Museo has been used in an article about type design. Does that make it a new classic?

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I wondered at that myself. I was suprised to see Museo in that article. I guess it's other people who make Museo a classic, not me ;-)

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