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Hi There

I'm working on a redesign for a small local Dutch newspaper with a printrun of around 25.000 copies. Here some digital sketches.

This local newspaper attends an area where there is little to none interest from the mayor newspapers being spread around here.
The area this newspaper services is close to and within a city (Groningen) where there are quit a few newspapers. However, all of these are focussing on the city itself.

The "Regiokrant" connects a few villages around Groningen with a few districts of Groningen City. All – geographically – are neighbours. This paper brings them closer together.

Beside this it brings quality. Readers tell them that unlike those other papers, this one they like to read because of the stories. With them the glass is half-full instead of half-empty. This positive approach is appreciated.

I have tried to reflect this in the logo.
People interact with people.
In the balloons (the outer shape of the 'O') you find two men. Not in number 3.

By the way: Don't mind the colorscheme. I'm still working on that.

I'm thinking of giving them an emotion, but am still pondering which emotion would be best. (Happy, curious, interested ...).
But I want to do this with as little elements as possible.

Oke. Here my question: Does image number 1 read as "regiokrant"?

And second: any other comments?

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Image number 1, for me, is awkward and hinders legibility. And perhaps consider the following link before pressing on with a speech bubble solution:


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I didn't read the speech bubbles as containing faces even after you told me. Eventually I saw it but it looked like you just threw a { in a speech bubble for a while.

I agree, 1 is awkward.

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Oke. Thanks.
Some fresh eyes always mean fresh insights.
Sometimes you feel something is off but can't put your finger on it.

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Likewise, I couldn't see the heads/faces.

Also, I think that that gradient will not reproduce well on newsprint.


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The concern posted about the gradient has validity. Quite frankly, the gradient likely isn't necessary. However, I disagree with overall concerns expressed with regards to difficulty identifying the speech bubbles and faces, both were immediately clear to me.

I would experiment some more with different options on how to incorporate the speech bubble(s)/face idea. Perhaps you will come up with another version you like better. That said, I think you are on to a very nice logo.

Michael Browers

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Its looks like a web 2.0 logo. Is it a web based newspaper? I didn't understand the speech bubbles/people - all you show is a hair line. If its suppossed to represent a community i don't understand what somebody's blank face and detailed hair cut has to do with anything. But as someone else said - the whole speech bubble thing is flawed from the outset.

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I am sorry, but in those bubbles I saw a tongue sticking out.

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