Inside "The Source of the Originals"

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Ever wondered what it looks like inside one of the large type foundries? You might be surprised by how it looks, but then again, you probably shouldn't be.

When I first saw Linotype a year ago I was rather shocked at the offices... Anyway, earlier this month the company moved to a new building (should update your address book before your next visit). This new place is quite different: ultra modern, full of glass walls, robotic blinds and lights, and excellent coffee.

For this occasion of relocating, I posted a few images of the old and new buildings. There are also pictures from inside the fabled Linotype archives and some (soon to be posted) pics of the interesting pieces of history which were thrown out during the move!

You can see all the images here


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Congrats on the new digs!

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Well, that's an improvement.

My two favourite memories of the old offices (which were in part of a Dupont Chemical building):

Digging through the non-Latin collection in the basement -- before it went to Reading -- while Dupont guys in hazmat suits wandered past the door.

Eating kangaroo meat in the cafeteria during the mad cow disease scare.

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There were many jokes and theories about the old building and what was actually going on there. After Sept. 11 there was a huge increase in security... But now Du Pont is moving to a new building anyway—so there is just the lonely Du-Pont-Straße by itself.

As for the food, in my 11 months there it seemed to go quite down hill. Something went on with changing the cooking staff mid-year, then maybe the just gave up because they knew they were closing? I don't eat meat, but by the end it appeared to be something more like rat or pigeon being served.

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FYI, pigeon is a very tasty bird.

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