What do you think?

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Hi! few logo i have done recently, what do you think?

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it is really difficult to offer any kind of constructive criticism without knowing some background behind the 3 logos.

Lacking this, one can really only comment on the technical aspects.

Having said that, all three logos seem to lack refinement in the curves. The top one needs work on the leg of the 'R', the symbol of the middle looks unbalanced and falls over to the left. Finally, the bottom 'R' looks clumsily extended without paying any attention to the stroke width.

Hope this is helpful.

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Need to know more about the background.

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the background more to know the need about

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design Melbourne

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Hi, thank for your interest. Here some explanation:
This new brand in Vietnam.

Arithmétique: Interior parfum, some soap ect…

Tran Communication: Tran is the name of the Chairman, who want to create a new "communication agency" hum…

Alba: New mineral water brand in Vietnam.

Cheers "all about seb" i see what you mean about the first one, i have start to rework on it.

Thanks all to help to increase my work, pretty difficult here (Vietnam) to get any good advise.


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