(x) wedding invitation script - Bickham Script {Franz}

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Need to help a friend out. Any ideas? Anyone? Think there are two fonts being used here. Please?

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That's Bickham Script again.

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ThanX! Any guesses on the large Caps?

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Franz nailed it -- the swash caps are also Bickham.

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Strange, I could swear I linked to the PDF with the glyph overview.. I still have the URL in the clipboard. I'm getting old! :-(

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ThanX everyone. Much appreciated. Guess I am a little late to the Bickham party. I cannot tell if everyone is sick of the font or you all really like it? Which is it? I would have to say its a very nice script and I am not big on scripts.

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I think the reason you might have detected a 'tone' is that Bickham is frequently the subject of ID requests. With all its optional characters it can confuse people.

In answer to your question about whether we like it, my answer is that I bought a license for it, but it's a bit of a pain to use fully, because of the gyrations needed to bring up the extra characters. Still, the end result is worth the effort. I use Bickham or Zapfino when I want flashy-looking scripts with a lot of flourish to them.

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They are swash alternates. Right, Franz?

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Now THIS is a double-f lig worth licensing a typeface for:

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> I would have to say its a very nice script and I am
not big on scripts.

Well, it is what it is and it does what it does, but
it does it so eloquently you can't help but fall in
love with this beauty.

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