Digitising Yagi Link Double/Plagiarism and copywright

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I am in the process of digitising Robert Trogman's Yagi Link Double. It is a typeface that I greatly enjoy but could not find anywhere. So as part of a learning process and out of enjoyment of Yagi, I decided to digitise it.

It would be great to release it in some form as it is quite a popular, retro font and would make for a great display font. As far as I know, the foundries that Trogman worked for, Fotostar International and Facsimile Fonts have closed. (If anyone has Robert Trogman's details that would be great!)

It would also be great if some advice could be given on obtaining permission to digitise an existing typeface. I have no pretensions of claiming that it is my design and am aware of issues of plagiarism, but it seems a shame not to make fonts such as these available for greater use.


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That isn't a fully digitised version. I actually received the file from Noah Harris to begin work on an opentype version. Noah made an illustrator version, covering most of the alphabet, and kindly passed it on to me.

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