Alternate Typefaces to Helvetica Thin

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Hi Everyone -
i am new to typophile and i hope you can give me some suggestions.
I am searching for some Sans Serif Families which can be an Alternate to Helvetica.
They should have a thin or ultra/extralight/light version too.
Teh typeface should not look very humanistic - instead more straight! I already consider for example Akkurat/FF Din as Alternates, but i am not very satisfied.

Would be thankful for every suggestion!
Best, Adam

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Of these Helvetica alternatives Paralucent has a thin weight.

You might also want to have a look at a list of extra light fonts.

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Thank you very much, Stephen!

If someone else has any ideas - you are very welcome!

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Interstate goes all the way to thin and hairline. Plays nicely with other fonts as well.

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