Problem with XP and OTF/Type 1 fonts

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I am pulling my hair out trying to help a user with a particularly recalcitrant problem. The user is running Windoze XP with SP3, and every time he tries to open or add a new Open Type font or Type 1 font, he gets the message ".otf is not a valid font file."

We've tried everything I can think of, from sfc /scannow to repairing the font folder and checking the atm*.dll files. We've checked that he's not using the switch to use more than 3gb ram (known to cause this problem), and he has a NVIDIA graphics card (not a ATI one, also known to cause this).

Any other thoughts?

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Two steps might solve your problem:
1. remove as many fonts as possible.
2. rename *.OTF to *.TTF.
Then Comb your hair with Flowers

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I'm intriqued by that advise Aziz. Fonts with an .otf extension are PostScript flavored OpenType fonts, while fonts with the .ttf extension are either TrueType or TrueType flavored OpenType fonts. Why would you rename *.otf to *.ttf?

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In the process of discovering fonts hidden in 1000+files softwares, the first thing I do is to change all files extensions to TTf and the font explorer will show them up.

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Even if that is a functional workaround, it's not a fix, and doesn't do anything for the Type 1 fonts.

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